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University Contracts

All University contracts are subject to state law requirements and/or University policies and procedures governing their administration. Before negotiating or entering a contract on behalf of the University, you must first become familiar with these requirements and processes. The following is intended as a broad overview of things to consider. If you have questions regarding University contracts, please contact either the Boise State Purchasing Department or the University’s General Counsel Office.

What is a Contract?
A “contract” is any agreement, whether written or oral, which is intended to create a University obligation.  It is not the name or description given to a document or the specified amount that dictates the University’s requirement for contract review but instead it is the intention of the document, i.e. to create an obligation for the University.  The document may be called an agreement, contract, lease, license, memorandum of understanding, scope of work, deal memo, term sheet or even be sent in letter form.