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2014 Employee Design Initiative


After: Four Playworld Exercise Stations Installed

Outdoor Fitness Center

(See below for more photos – click to enlarge)

A new outdoor training facility was installed on campus thanks to an Employee Design Initiative during the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Employee Design Initiative was created to encourage Campus Operations staff to contribute concepts that would enhance the Boise State campus. Submissions were narrowed down from 40 to the winner, an outdoor strength training facility submitted by Jill Fedigan. Designs were evaluated based on empathy for students, attention to detail and a concept that demonstrates imputed quality of our campus, while also meeting budget, time frame and project impact realities.

The facility, opened Oct. 13, is located between the Kinesiology Building and the Kinesiology Annex along Bronco Circle. This location was chosen due to its proximity to the kinesiology department, athletics, the Student Recreation Center and ROTC, and it is expected to get much use.

Made up of four stations created by Playworld Systems, the Energi Prime total body fitness system will offer various body-weight exercises as well as interactive exercise plans. Each station, made up of steel components and textured non-slip surfaces for ease of use, combine for 96 exercises (24 on each unit) and include workouts and instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Encompassed with the recommended exercises at each station is a 2D code technology which allows users to scan a code and receive training tips and instructional videos on their mobile device.

All faculty, staff, students, alumni and campus visitors are invited to use this space at no charge.


Before: Planters were cracked and falling apart, making the space potentially dangerous.


Before: An unused space with old planters.


Before: A dark corner on campus.



After: A useful workout space for all to enjoy


After: A much brighter space with workout area and new trees


After: A useful workout space