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Kevin Satterlee, Chief Operating Officer, studio portrait

Kevin D. Satterlee
Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Special Counsel

    • Campus Operations’ role in serving the common mission
    • Boise State history and governance
    • Leadership
    • The law
    • Perfecting your poker face

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1233
  • Kevin D. Satterlee was named Boise State University’s Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Special Counsel in October 2015. Kevin is the leader responsible for advancing the mission of the university through the growth of the physical campus infrastructure and by providing various support services that ensure that Boise State is safe, secure and student-centric.

    As head of the division of Campus Operations, Kevin oversees the following departments:

    • Capital Planning and Space Management
    • Architectural and Engineering Services
    • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
    • Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability
    • Risk Management and Insurance
    • Real Estate Development
    • Student Union and Event Services
    • Dining Services
    • Bronco Shop (on and off campus)
    • Information Desk and Bronco ID Card
    • Security, Police and Event Operations
    • Emergency Management
    • Transportation, Parking and Safety Systems
    • University Policy Management
    • Institutional Compliance and Ethics
    • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
    • Export Controls
    • Title IX Compliance
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • University Sponsorships
    • Trademark Licensing and Enforcement

    Because of his unique relationships and historical knowledge, Kevin also serves as Special Counsel to the President working closely with the General Counsel’s office on all legal issues related to the governing board, legislative and policy issues, athletic department issues and contracts, as well as institutional compliance.

    He previously served in a variety of positions at Boise State University:

    • 2012-2015 Vice President for Campus Operations and General Counsel
    • 2011-2012 Vice President and General Counsel
    • 2005-2011 Associate Vice President and General Counsel
    • 2003-2005 Associate Vice President of Planning
    • 2001-2003 Special Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration

    From 1995 to 2001, Kevin was a Deputy Attorney General in the Idaho Attorney General’s Office.  His career in higher education began when he was assigned by the Attorney General as Chief Legal Officer to the Idaho State Board of Education in 1997.   From 1995 to 1997, Kevin was the Deputy Attorney General for several offices of state government including the State Board of Pharmacy, State Board of Nursing, the Commission on Aging and the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary.

    Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Boise State University (magna cum laude) in 1990 and was named a Top Ten Scholar of the university upon graduation. He received his law degree from the University of Idaho (magna cum laude) in 1993. Kevin is the 2010 recipient of the Association of Corporate Counsel Leadership Award.

Alicia Estey, Compliance, faculty/staff, studio portrait, photo by Priscilla Grover

Alicia Estey
Associate Vice President

    • All things Campus Operations
    • University policy, procedure and compliance
    • Capital projects, space planning, maintenance and sustainability
    • Discrimination and harassment response on Campus
    • Women in Leadership  
    • The art of doing it all

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1249
  • Alicia Estey was named Associate Vice President for Campus Operations at Boise State University in March 2017. Estey serves the division by providing oversight of all Campus Operations departments, while directly managing Campus Planning and Facilities and Institutional Compliance and Ethics.

    Since 2013, Estey has aided the university by overseeing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, managing agency audits, and supervising investigations of discrimination-based complaints in the position of executive director of Institutional Compliance and Ethics.

    She joined Boise State in 2007 as the special assistant to Stacy Pearson. Thereafter she served in various roles in Finance and Administration including policy analyst, regulatory compliance officer and director of tax.

    Before her time at Boise State, Estey worked in the tax department at the J.R. Simplot Company.

Dani Dunstan, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Dani Dunstan
Director, Campus Operations

    • Campus Operations’ processes and procedures
    • Who to contact within Campus Operations
    • Organizational tips, tricks and techniques
    • Office feng shui

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1233
  • Dani Dunstan currently serves as the Director, Campus Operations acting as the Chief of Staff for the Division of Campus Operations. In her role, she provides support for the Chief Operating Officer by serving as the COO’s emissary, monitoring and tracking divisional projects, tasks, and initiatives, and facilitating horizontal and vertical coordination across the division. Dani works in conjunction with the COO and AVP-CO in developing and executing the strategy for Campus Operations. In addition, Dani provides administrative oversight, coordination, and leadership to the division’s Human Resources functions.

    Dani joined Boise State in 2015 as executive assistant to the Chief Operating Officer. She is a proud Boise State graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Public Administration.

Texie Montoya, Chief Operating Office, studio portrait

Texie Montoya
Associate Special Counsel

    • Free Speech
    • The Clery Act – campus crime reporting
    • Title IX – campus response to sexual misconduct
    • Drones and guns on campus
    • Cupcake decorating and frosting recipes

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1249
  • Texie began her career at Boise State University in August 2012 as Assistant General Counsel in the Office of the General Counsel. When the Division of Campus Operations was first formed in November 2012, Texie shifted to serve two roles – Special Assistant to the Vice President for Campus Operations as well as continuing as Assistant General Counsel.  In 2014, she transitioned out of the Office of the General Counsel and was named Assistant Counsel to the Vice President for Campus Operations.  In the October 2015 reorganization involving the Division of Campus Operations and the Office of the General Counsel, Texie’s title was changed to Assistant Special Counsel and in April 2016, she was promoted to Associate Special Counsel.

    Prior to joining Boise State, Texie clerked for the Honorable Stephen M. Brown at the Washington State Court of Appeals – Division III in Spokane, Washington.

    Texie received her bachelor’s degree from Boise State, where she served as Student Body Vice President and delivered the commencement address with her twin sister in 2006. She earned her Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, where she served as President of the Student Bar Association.

    Texie is a member of Attorneys for Civic Education, the Government and Public Sector Lawyers section and the Young Lawyers section of the Idaho State Bar, and Idaho Women Lawyers. She is also a member of the 2014/2015 class of Boise State’s Shared Leadership program.

Sunny Wallace, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Sunny Wallace
Policy Director

    • University policies
    • Shared governance
    • University sustainability initiatives
    • Consensus building
    • Lunchtime meditation

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1349
  • Sunny Wallace became the Policy Director effective February 2016 after serving as the Policy Manager since May of 2014. Prior to this position, she served as the Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations in Boise State’s College of Health Sciences. Sunny has lived and worked in Boise, Idaho, since 1998.

    Prior to joining the university, she was the first executive director of Life’s Kitchen, a local non-profit dedicated to helping teens at risk become self-sufficient through an innovative culinary and life skills program.  Sunny received her baccalaureate degree in Psychology from Tulane University and her master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Public Policy and Administration at Boise State.

Katie Thomas, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Katie Thomas
Instructional Designer and Facilitator

    • Employee training, development and career growth
    • StrengthsFinder talent development and coaching
    • What’s awesome about working at Boise State!
    • Geology and goats

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-2129
  • Katie Thomas has been the Instructional Designer and Facilitator for the Campus Operations Division in 2015 after spending four years in the Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability department managing hazardous waste and supporting occupational safety programs at Boise State. During her time at Boise State, Katie has also served as a member of Shared Leadership (2011/2012 class) and as a Professional Staff Association senator (2015/2016). She enjoys the campus energy and supporting the university and division employees through development, encouragement and positivity.

    Prior to Boise State, Katie worked for an environmental consulting firm for five years, developing and delivering environmental training and programs for two large Fortune 500 companies. Katie is a Washington State graduate, earning her bachelor of science and master of science degrees in Geology.

Fonda Portales, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Fonda Portales
University Art Curator and Collections Manager

    • Public Art on Campus
    • Temporary and Permanent Exhibitions at the Student Union Building
    • Curating Department Spaces with University Artworks
    • Incorporating Campus Art into Your Course Curriculum
    • The World Museum in August 2019
    • The Art of Making a Mixtape

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-2541
  • Fonda Portales joined the Division of Campus Operations in 2016 to fill the newly created role of University Art Curator and Collections Manager. Prior to this position, she served as Adjunct Faculty in the Art Department for eight years, teaching survey and upper-division Art History. She continues to be a passionate educator and enjoys developing student engagement with the visual arts on campus.

    In her role as University Art Curator and Collections Manager, Fonda manages the University’s permanent visual art collection, curates Student Union Building gallery spaces, and directs public art commissions on campus. She also works across departments to co-create and curate content for the upcoming world museum in the new Fine Arts Building. As Chair of both the University Arts Advisory Committee and the Student Union Fine Arts Advisory Board, she works with faculty, researchers, students, and community leaders to seek out and approve new acquisitions and exhibitions, and to write policy regarding visual arts culture on campus.

    Prior to joining the university, Fonda worked as the Director of Development and Public Education at the ACLU of Idaho, a Marketing and Development Associate with the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs, and a Resident Artist at the archaeological site of Urkesh, in Mozan, Syria, where she established an on-site museum of artifacts.

    Fonda earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Northwest Nazarene College, in Nampa, Idaho, and master’s degree in Art History from California State University, Los Angeles. Her academic focus is on the transcultural iconography of Mesoamerican and Spanish influence. Her drawings of Aztec and colonial works can be found in the Oxford University Press Handbook to Life in the Aztec World.

Kathleen Simko, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Kathleen Simko
Quality Assurance Coordinator

    • How to improve the student experience at Boise State
    • Student mentorship
    • Nonprofit governance and Board leadership
    • Running marathons internationally

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-2242
  • Kathleen Simko joined the Campus Operations Division as the Quality Assurance Coordinator in October 2017. Formerly the Dean of Extended Learning at Treasure Valley Community College, she also has prior experience working for affordable housing and community and economic development nonprofit organizations. Kathleen is excited to be returning to higher education.

    Kathleen earned a bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from Eastern Oregon University and her masters of Business Administration from Boise State University. Having previously served as an elected official in two cities, she also served nine years on the Idaho Public Transportation Advisory Council, has an extensive history in Rotary International, and is a graduate of Leadership Boise.

Aubri Kelly Headshot 2017

Aubri Kelly
Administrative Assistant

    • The mission of Campus Operations and how we serve the university
    • Scheduling time with division leadership
    • Boise State’s sustainability efforts
    • The future life of a park ranger

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-1249
  • Aubri Kelly has served in the Campus Operations division since 2012 and is currently the Administrative Assistant II for the Chief Operating Office. She manages administrative workflow for the division’s leadership team and is the primary point of contact for Campus Operations. If you have a question, Aubri can find the answer.

    As a state native, Aubri is enthusiastic about Idahoans’ local involvement in environmental matters. She is a member of several committees on campus that carry out green initiatives and is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. Her current research involves how wetlands impact air quality in urban settings as well as methods of eradicating cereal rye (Secale cereale) at the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve in Boise.

Olivia Lettenberger, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Allison Corona photo

Olivia Lettenberger
Student Administrative Assistant

    • What it is like being a student employee
    • Where the best coffee shop in Boise is located

  • Email:
    Phone: (208) 426-2248
  • Olivia Lettenberger joined the Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, and Special Counsel as the Student Administrative Assistant in September of 2017. She supports the office by handling a diverse assortment of duties and assisting with special projects.

    Olivia is currently in her second year at Boise State, working towards her bachelor’s degree with a double major in criminal justice and communication.  She plans on attending law school after graduation and hopes to serve her community by practicing criminal law.