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Questions and Answers
on Design, Construction and Planning on Campus

Q. How do I know when I’ll need a Space Request

A: When You:
Need additional space (e.g. new lines are added or you need storage space).
Change the use of a space (e.g. from classroom to laboratory or from class lab to research lab)
Change which department is using the space (e.g. English Department wants to take an office from History Department)
Have changes that require remodeling (e.g. a new wall or doorway is sought)
Change room capacity (e.g. change the number of students in a classroom)

Q. What sort of space changes don’t require a space request?

When you’re moving people within your own department space.
When you need maintenance (contact Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FO&M))

Q. When do I submit an A&E Services Request?

You want to remodel something (e.g. improving a classroom)
Changing or adding a door or a window
You have concerns regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
You need to remodel a classroom or other space into a lab or offices (you’ll need a space request first)
You’d like to install anything permanent (e.g. a large mural, sign or storage unit)
You’re significantly changing the layout of an office area with new cubicle furniture.

Q. The A&E request form requires a funding source. I don’t have one. What do I do?

A&E Services doesn’t have funding to support construction projects. You’ll need to secure your own funding.

Q. What doesn’t A&E Services do?

All routine maintenance is handled by Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FO&M).
Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FO&M) also handles paint and carpet replacement.

Departments coordinate their own packing, hauling, key changes and other items related to moving through Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FO&M).