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Campus Operations Division Newsletter – May 2016

Campus Operations Newsletter
MAY 2016

Nimmons Named IAEOP Administrator of the Year

Nicole Nimmons

Boise State University’s Nicole Nimmons, Executive Director for Campus Services, has been selected as the 2016 Idaho Association of Educational Office Professionals (IAEOP) Administrator of the Year.

Nimmons was honored at the IAEOP Awards Banquet on April 8, 2016 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Meridian.

Nimmons has worked at Boise State for more than 10 years. In addition to her role in Campus Services, she continues to help lead Transportation and Parking Services, a department in which she served for nine years. Nimmons also was recently elected as president of the Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI).


Kudos Corner

Thank You Ryan Soto: A big kudos and thank you to Boise State custodian Ryan Soto for the actions he took on April 28. Ryan came across an individual having a medical emergency on the Greenbelt. After contacting dispatch, Ryan, who has EMT training, provided first aid until Ada County Paramedics arrived. Thank you Ryan for representing Boise State so well and for going above and beyond to help a community member!

Job Well Done: Congratulations and thank you to Don Whitehead and his team on their quick and diligent work in constructing a frame and hanging the newest banner on Barnes Towers. Your hard work in getting the banner up for Bronco Day was noticed and featured as the Boise State “Photo of the Week”! (see photo below)

Photo of the Week

A note from Kevin

As the end of the semester nears and each of us are busy with the our daily tasks in addition to the large events taking place on campus, now is a good time to reflect on our many successes from the past school year –  one of which I want to highlight.

An important reflection of our team’s hard work was in the success of the 2016 Bronco Day event. The day would not have been nearly as successful without the hard work of team members who prepared the campus to be beautifully landscaped, cleaned and free of litter; who hung banners and set up chairs, tables and tents; who hosted booths and tables providing information to prospective students; who kept the campus safe and accessible to those arriving; who prepared quality meals and service; and who provided a memorable event for many future Broncos and their families.

Efforts from our division are noticed and appreciated on a daily basis. Dr. Kustra mentioned his appreciation at the Honors College and First-Year Residence Hall Groundbreaking on April 7:

“Every time I see a group of students, high school students and their parents, looking at this campus, on the tour so to speak – I stop and introduce myself just to get a read on what their take is. I always hear the same thing: ‘You have the most beautiful campus.’ Now, part of that, I think, and there’s research that says often times parents will make a decision in the first 15 minutes of their visit on what the campus looks like. That’s not about student affairs, that’s about facilities services. That’s about the folks that keep this place one of the most beautiful campuses in America. And we hear this all the time. From one end of this campus to the other – … it’s the incredible job our groundskeepers are doing, … it’s the way the Student Union, that was renovated just a few years ago, continues to redesign itself to serve our students, … it’s the way the library is redesigning itself right now…”

Thank you for your efforts and hard work. Your work is making a difference and making an impact in a tremendous way!

Juice Bar Concept

Employee Design Initiative Winner

Thank you to all who participated in the 2016 Boise State University Campus Operations Employee Design Initiative.

In its third year, the Employee Design Initiative challenges division employees to conceptualize a campus-improvement project that will have a positive impact on the entire campus community. Ideas are then submitted and then vetted by a committee based on the concept, the scope of work and whether it fits into the $10,000 set budget.

The 2016 winning project is the “Juice Bar” submitted by Barb Beagles and Trent Reagan. The project is a retrofit of the outdoor kiosk on the library patio – turning the kiosk into a solar charging station. The charging station will have solar panels installed on the existing roof of the kiosk, while the countertop will be reclaimed wooden beams from a no longer existing campus building. Additionally, the station will feature seating, USB and AC power sockets, and new digital screens for campus club and event advertising.

Construction of the project will begin in early summer and is slated to be complete for the fall semester. The project name of “Juice Bar” is still in deliberation – any name suggestions or ideas for the space can be submitted to

Again, thank you to all who participated in the 2016 initiative. Stay tuned in July for the announcement of the 2017 Employee Design Initiative call for idea submissions.

Barry Washburn

Employee Spotlight: Barry Washburn

Job Title: Assistant Operations Manager
Department: Campus Services – Student Union Building

Barry Washburn joined the Boise State Student Union in November 2015 as the Assistant Operations Manager. Barry is thrilled to be a part of the university which plays such a large part in the Boise community. Barry has an easygoing personality and is always open to new ideas.

Barry recently moved to Boise from Wilmington, N.C., and has had a hard time adjusting to the colder weather. He looks forward to the summer and warmer weather to enjoy his outdoor hobbies and sporting activities, especially running. His favorite movie is “The Fugitive”.

Royal Boulevard Extension to Begin in May

Ada County Highway District will begin work to extend Royal Boulevard from 9th Street to Capitol Boulevard in May. The work will include an extension of the roadway, including bike lanes and sidewalks. Additionally a traffic signal will be installed at the Royal/9th and Royal/Capitol intersections to assist pedestrians and cyclist across the busy roadway.

This project will improve access into and out of the Lusk Street area for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as, improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and crossing.

Nominations open for inaugural Division employee of the year awards

Boise State Campus Operations Division will be awarding three Employees of the Year honors for the first time at the division-wide meeting on August 4, 2016. These awards will be given out once per year based on nominations from employees within the division. Each of the three awards are aligned with our division goals: 1) Empathy for the customer, 2) Attention to detail, and 3) Imputed quality.

Award winners will have excelled in one of these three categories and demonstrated these characteristics and qualities in their work throughout the year.

Nomination criteria includes: individual winners only (no team nominations), no self-nominations, nominee must be an employee of Boise State for more than six months. Nominators are not limited to one nomination.


Save the date

Save the Date for Annual Division-Wide Meeting

Please mark your calendars for the Boise State Campus Operations’ annual division-wide meeting. Meeting times have been set for employees working during the day, night and swing shifts. More information will follow as the meeting date approaches. 

Division-Wide Employee Survey

As Campus Operations continues its mission to receive valuable feedback and develop training opportunities for employees within our division, the division would like to solicit feedback from ALL Campus Operations employees.

Please complete the short, 10-minute 2016 Campus Operations Survey by Friday, May 20. All data gathered will be anonymous and will be used to help improve our employee and student experience.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be re-directed to a website that will request your Boise State e-mail address. This information is optional and will be collected ONLY to indicate who has completed the survey, so names can be entered into a drawing to receive one of two $25 Bronco Shop gift cards. Your email address will not be associated with your answers.


Congratulations to Campus Operations Graduates

The Boise State Campus Operations Division would like to congratulate 18 division graduates this commencement season. Graduates from the division include:

  • Marisa Alcala (SUB Games Center)
  • Jeong-Hyun Boo (SUB)
  • Raymond Clark (Facilities)
  • Destiny Cooper (Bookstore)
  • Johnathan Navarro-Cortes (Facilities), Fall Graduate
  • Wyatt Edgerton (SUB)
  • Mahesh Reddy Erri (Facilities)
  • Trevor Harrigan (Facilities)
  • Gabriel Ninomiya (Facilities)
  • Marte Noeren (Customer Service)
  • Leo Ohyama (SUB)
  • Cameron Quade (SUB Gallery)
  • Rob Rakhimov (Facilities Operations and Maintenance)
  • Anthony Rhodes (Facilities), Fall Graduate
  • Adam Ruggiero (Info Desk)
  • Katarina Schweitzer (Conference Services)
  • Jonah Teraberry (Games Center)
  • Chris Wright (Facilities Operations and Maintenance)

Coffee with Kevin

The Campus Operations Division will begin hosting a monthly opportunity for division members to meet and have a conversation with Kevin Satterlee, Chief Operating Officer.

Kevin will host 15-minute visits for individuals or teams of up to five people to discuss ideas, challenges and other topics. Coffee and tea will be provided for each visit.

Open registration is available for these events. Once registered, you will be contacted to select a specific time to meet with Kevin.


Kristina Anderson Graphi

Virginia Tech Survivor to Visit Boise State on May 26

The Boise State University campus community and public is invited to attend an open session of the 2016 Idaho Threat Assessment Conference featuring guest speaker Kristina Anderson, a survivor of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Anderson is slated to speak about personal safety on Thursday, May 26, 2016 from 8–9 a.m. in the Student Union Simplot Ballroom. The event is open and free to the public.  To guarantee a seat, please arrive early as space will be limited.


Monthly Division Trainings

Boise State’s Campus Operations Division is continually offering training opportunities to provide continued education, required trainings and development for its employees. The following are trainings offered in the upcoming month:

  • May 9 — ONE Boise State
  • May 23 — ONE Boise State
  • June 6 — ONE Boise State


Important Dates to Remember

The following are important dates and events to remember for the upcoming months:


Hannah NewhouseWatch Hannah Newhouse Reports

Boise State sophomore Hannah Newhouse has created video blogs showcasing events, projects and daily work within the Boise State Campus Operations Division.

Throughout the school year Hannah will continue to plan, film, edit and produce short videos about projects in the Campus Operations Division.

Check out her most recent videos:

Idea submissions for short 30-90 second videos are always welcome. Please email with ideas.



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