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Campus Operations August 2016 Division Newsletter

Campus Operations NewsletterAUGUST 2016

Save the date


Please mark your calendars for the Boise State Campus Operations’ annual division-wide meeting. A day meeting has been scheduled from 10-11 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 4, while a night and evening meeting will be held from 10:30-11:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 4. Both meetings will be held in the SUB Simplot Ballroom.

All Campus Operations Division employees are required to attend.


Boise State University’s Department of Computer Science will kick-off the school year with a new home at the City Center Plaza located downtown on the west side of the U.S. Bank Plaza.

 The Department of Computer Science will occupy nearly 54,000 square feet of space, the entire second and third floors, allowing the program to be housed in the heart of Boise’s downtown technology community, allowing for interaction and collaboration with the industry. The computer science program will be located in the same building as Clearwater Analytics and within short walking distance of 20 or more of Boise’s top technology companies. More than 90 percent of Boise State’s computer science graduates become employed in Idaho.

Boise State will move its full, rapidly-growing computer science department, including faculty offices and classroom teaching space, into City Center Plaza. Computer science currently is housed in the Micron Engineering Center on campus. Engineering programs — especially undergraduate mechanical engineering and graduate-level materials science — also are growing rapidly and will use the vacated space.

Boise State has worked with the Gardner Company throughout construction of the building to ensure that the space is designed for optimal student learning, helping students develop the skills that high-tech employers need most. The space will be adaptable to new technologies and configurations, and will be influenced by the design of the best modern teaching spaces and high-tech company environments.

Partners and contributors to the project include the Gardner Company, Boise State University, Clearwater Analytics, Valley Regional Transit, Greater Boise Auditorium District, City of Boise, Ada County Highway District and Capital City Development Corporation.

Bronco Welcome Volunteers Needed

With the fall semester quickly approaching, preparations are underway to greet new and returning students. The Bronco Welcome committee seeks your help to create a welcoming atmosphere by volunteering during Bronco Welcome.

Staff and faculty volunteers are needed throughout the first week of the semester. August 19 is an “all hands on deck” day for the University, with many volunteers needed.

Campus Operations supervisors should make every effort to ensure staff have the ability to volunteer during their regular shifts.


  • NEW STUDENT MOVE-IN will begin on the morning of August 19. Volunteers will meet and greet students and families and deliver belongings to student rooms. This serves as a great opportunity to meet new students and their families as well as showcase what it means to be part of the Bronco community.
  • CONVOCATION serves as the official academic welcome to the University for new students. Taking place at 3:00 pm on August 19 in the Morrison Center, volunteers will greet students and families and help them find their seats.
  • B ON THE BLUE is an annual photograph of new students and their families inside Albertsons Stadium immediately following Convocation on August 19. While on the blue turf, volunteers will direct people into the formation of the Boise State “B.”


Volunteers are also needed throughout the first week of classes at Bronco Welcome Information Tables. Tables will be at three locations on campus and one downtown at the City Center Plaza. Volunteers are asked to staff tables for hour-long shifts to help answer questions and direct students on campus.

Specific volunteer questions can be directed to America Yorita-Carrion at or Brian McDermott at

If you are interested in attending, please request approval from your supervisor to sign up if you are volunteering during working hours.


Boise State University’s dining services will feature new retail locations beginning the fall semester at three locations on campus.

The Student Union Building Food Court will unveil Moe’s Southwest Grill on August 22 as an additional eatery to the existing Subway, Chick-fil-A, P.O.D. Market and Moxie Java. Moe’s offers a fast-casual restaurant experience serving good, fresh, southwestern food, including its well-known burritos.  Additionally, the SUB Food Court will introduce a new Starbucks location in January 2017.

In an effort to expand dining options across campus, the former Subway located in the Education Building will be transformed into Freshii which offers fresh and nutritious meal choices including custom-made green wraps, salads, quinoa bowls, and fresh-pressed juices. Freshii is slated to open in late September.

Finally, a new dining location will appear on the Boise State campus with the addition of a P.O.D. Market at the Albertsons Library. Set to open August 20, this will be the third grab-and-go style P.O.D. location on campus offering snacks, salads, beverages and other essentials.



The Campus Operations Brown Bag Lunch Series invites participants to bring their own lunch and join monthly sessions designed to further employee education and development on relevant topics, discuss campus current events and listen to guest speakers including community and campus leaders.

The following are upcoming Brown Bag Lunch Series sessions:

  • September 7, 2016 – Productivity in Trello (11:45 a.m – 1 p.m.)
  • October 5, 2016 – Tools for Effective Meetings and the Use of Google Resources (11:45 a.m. – 1 p.m.)
  • November 2, 2016 – Email Management (11:45 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

All sessions will be held in Pioneer Hall, room 102, unless otherwise noted.

If you plan to attend, please register using the link below. Additionally, submissions of topics and session ideas can be submitted via the session registration form.


Nicole Gouvea has been named the Boise State Bookstore and Bronco Shops Director.

Nicole has served as the Interim Bookstore Director since November 2015 after she joined Boise State in October of 2014 as the Associate Director. Nicole is a Boise State graduate and brings over 13 years of retail management experience to this role.

During her interim appointment Nicole has made significant progress in elevating the appearance, level of service and product offerings at the Bookstore and Bronco Shop locations. The university is fortunate to have her expertise, experience and valuable leadership skills. She is committed to ensuring Boise State retail locations offer quality, relevant products that appeal to all campus community members. She works tirelessly pursuing the Bookstore’s mission to serve the students, faculty, staff and community as the campus retailer, fostering academic success, university allegiance, and providing student scholarships.


Tips for summer comfort in your office

Boise State University follows the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommendations on heating and cooling the campus. By code, temperature set points must have a five-degree “dead band” – at Boise State the heat set point is at 70 degrees (if it goes below the heat will turn on) and the air conditioning is at 75 degrees (if it goes above the air conditioning will turn on).

There are often complaints of buildings being too cold, this may be due to the following appliances being too close to thermostats: coffee pots, space heaters, printers, computers, or anything that produces heat. If these items are near thermostats and driving the temperature above 75 degrees, the air conditioning will kick on – even if the space that the zone controls is below 75 degrees.

Often times one thermostat controls many spaces or offices. Please be cautious of any appliances or blockages that may throw off the thermostat.

Tips to help with temperature balance:

If the space is cold:

  • Keep desks and workspaces away from windows and walls – air runs down walls and windows and cause individuals to feel chilled.
  • Keep heat producing or cold producing items away from thermostats.
  • Do not block or run additional heating devices in your office as it will cause the cooling system to operate based on the micro-environment you are creating in your space.

If the space is hot:

  • Place desks and workspaces near windows and walls.
  • Do not run additional cooling devices in your office as it will cause the heating system to operate based on the micro-environment you are creating in your space.

Additionally, there are often requests to turn off the airflow which cannot be done. Air flow runs 24/7 when buildings are occupied and by code 20-percent of fresh air must be taken into the building with every air exchange. This helps prevent a stuffy office and helps to keep you healthy. To remedy airflow issues departments may purchase air deflectors to divert airflow.

As mentioned, the ASHRAE temperature recommendation is 70 degrees for heating and 75 degrees for cooling and is maintained year round. If a department has determined that this range is too cool it can contact the Facilities Operations and Maintenance service request desk and request HVAC technicians come to reset a thermostat by one degree (71 degrees and 76 degrees, respectively).


Alyn Stanton at B monument


Job Title: Maintenance Foreman

Alyn Stanton has served as a Maintenance Foreman for Boise State University for two years and has been a member of the campus community for three years. His duties often put him at the front lines of service situations throughout the campus, helping to keep the campus maintained and functioning efficiently.

Outside of his work, Alyn enjoys playing guitar, fishing, camping and writing music and poetry. He also enjoys playing golf and spent 16 years as a golf professional. He enjoys the movies Dr. Strangelove and A Clockwork Orange. Alyn holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Coffee with Kevin

The Campus Operations Division will be hosting a monthly opportunity for division members to meet and have a conversation with Kevin Satterlee, Chief Operating Officer.

Kevin will host 15-minute visits the first Friday of every month and will be meeting with individuals or teams of up to five people to discuss ideas, challenges and other topics. Coffee and tea will be provided for each visit.

Open registration is available for these events. Once registered, you will be contacted to coordinate a specific time to meet with Kevin.



Thank you to the Boise River Cafe and Dining Services for their work on summer camps, TRIO and Orientation events. Feeding numerous campus visitors, in an organized and efficient manner made each person’s visit on campus memorable. A particular thank you was sent from the Boise State football operations for managing to feed 1,100 high school football players and their coaches during football camps.

Monthly Division Trainings

Boise State’s Campus Operations Division is continually offering training opportunities to provide continued education, required trainings and development for its employees. The following are trainings offered in the upcoming month:

  • July 18 – ONE Boise State
  • August 1 – ONE Boise State
  • August 15 – ONE Boise State
  • August 29 – ONE Boise State


Important Dates to Remember

The following are important dates and events to remember for the upcoming months:

  • August 4 – Annual Division-Wide Meeting (SUB Simplot Ballroom)
  • August 19 – Convocation
  • August 22 – Classes Begin
  • September 5 – Labor Day (Campus Closed)



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