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Participate in May in Motion

Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride May in Motion campaign kicked-off March 14 and will run through the first week of June.

May in Motion (MiM) is a chance for Boise State employees to team together and receive public recognition for a level of achievement and commitment to smarter commuting. This year, Commuteride is honoring the top-100 businesses, changing the way Boise State will be entered in the competition. In years past, separate departments would compete individually, but this year Boise State will compete as one organization. To register for May in Motion visit

In addition, Commuteride created this specific Rideshare platform for Boise State. “Share the Ride Boise State” was added to in 2016. The easy to navigate site offers information to how many calories participants are burning, the CO2 emissions being saved and assist in finding carpool or commuter partners.

For those who wish to keep spreadsheets or their efforts, contact Christine Boyles at

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