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Campus Operations Division Employees of the Year

The Boise State Campus Operations Employees of the Year awards will be given out each year at the divisional meeting. Three staff awards and one student employee award will be given out. The staff awards are aligned with our division goals and will be given in the categories of 1) Empathy for the customer, 2) Attention to detail, and 3) Imputed quality. The Student Employee of the Year award will be awarded to one student employee. Award winners will have excelled in one of these three categories and demonstrated characteristics and qualities in their work throughout the year.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Employees may submit multiple nominations (no limit to nomination number)
  • Individual award winners¬†(no team nominations)
  • No self-nominations
  • Nominee must be a Boise State Campus Operations employee for at least six months
  • Winners may not win awards in consecutive years

Year-by-Year Award Winners

Larry Stolworthy, 2017
Kristina Whitaker, 2017
Tana Monroe, 2016
Byron Stone, 2016
Ric Smith, 2017
Ler Lah Pe, 2016
Dunya Wojcik, 2017
C.J. McCrory, 2016