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Campus Operations Financial Services Org Chart

Director, Campus Operations Financial Services

  • Brenda Robinson

Financial Manager, Public Safety

  • Ami O’Gorman

Financial Technician, Public Safety

  • Jennica Kerner

Student Accounting Assistant

  • Brian Karsann
  • Taylor Kessler
  • Katie Davison

Financial Manager, Facilities Operations and Maintenance

  • Sharla Davison

Financial Technician, Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Aaron Tolman

Financial Projects and Manager, Campus Planning and Facilities

  • Nan Selland

Financial Manager, Campus Services

  • Sherry Zeng

Financial Technician, Bronco Shop

  • Sean Bischel


  • Ismael Sandoval
  • Abby Lachance-Cunningham

Student Accounting Assistant

  • Jinjun Su
  • Quinn Thorneycroft
  • Chris Peterson