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Capital Planning and Space Management

PLANNING = CONCEIVING, FORMULATING, DEVISING, ORGANIZING, ARRANGING, DEVELOPING: Capital Planning and Space Management is responsible for the management of existing and creation of new and renovated space to support the mission and goals of Boise State University.

Services and Resources

Capital Planning Services Overview

Capital Planning provides support to university leadership in the capital planning and capital budgeting processes. The capital planning process ensures the development and coordination of the annual capital budget and multi-year capital plan and individual capital projects align with goals of the university’s strategic master plan and supports the capital planning process for evaluating and improving the university’s built environment and strategic goals.

Capital Planning provides planning and programming studies, and assists departments in developing good projects. We also support all necessary approval actions, both internally and in conjunction with the State of Idaho policies and procedures; assist in the development of project scope for renovation and new construction projects. The goal of capital planning is to provide these services through collaborative, comprehensive, and efficient analysis resulting in a clear scope, budget and schedule to be implemented by Architectural and Engineering Services.

Space Management Services Overview

Space Management is responsible for the management of almost 5.4 million gross square feet of university space, maintaining the Official Building list, and performing analyses of current and future space needs for Boise State University. Space Management staff maintains the Physical Facilities Inventory (PFI), the main tool which helps efficiently identify, allocate, assign, manage and maintain campus resources.

The work of Space Management provides the analysis of existing and proposed space requirements that form the foundation and support for specific capital programming and plans. Space Management provides programming studies, benchmarking of space, space utilization reports; space needs assessments for departmental use and annual reports for budget decisions that are crucial to the day-to-day operation and growth of Boise State University.

Space Management also supports the Executive Space Planning (ESP) and Space Planning Advisory (SPA) Committees to address university space issues.

What We Do

Capital Planning Routine Work:

1, 5, and 10 Year Capital Plan Development and Management

  • Master Capital Project Tracking Report
  • Individual Capital Plans for auxiliary departments
  • Develop And maintain long-range capital planning reports and recommendations
  • Assist and Support State Board of Education (SBOE) Process
    • Responsible for 6-year plan oversight and implementation of SBOE policy per campus development of agenda items for approval at SBOE

Permanent Building Fund Request development and management

  • Analysis of past and future requests each fiscal year
  • Develop Major Capital Project and Alterations and Repairs requests each fiscal year
  • Develop and manage the university’s 6-year Capital Plan
  • Assist Architectural and Engineering Services (AES) in the implementation of Permanent Building Funds

Programming and planning for new and existing physical facilities

  • Develop strategic programming and planning analysis
  • Provides data and recommendations for strategic campus utilization
  • Provides AES with a scope, schedule, and budget for design and construction implementation
  • Oversee implementation and amendments to the Campus Master Plan

Space Management Routine Work:

Physical Facilities Inventory Data Management

  • Physical Facilities Inventory (PFI) report
  • Administer campus space surveys to ensure data validity
  • Maintain data for all academic and auxiliary space reports
  • Ad hoc reporting as requested by university departments
    • Academic Departments
    • Budget Office
    • Treasury Department
  • Ongoing studies and analysis of space utilization based on current trends and other benchmarks
  • Analysis of future space requirements
  • Projection of departmental space needs based on current trends
  • Reassignments of space which becomes available due to commission of new buildings

Facility Management Drawings (FMD)

  • Perform regular site surveys to ensure that the FMD Drawings are coordinated and associated data is up-to-date
  • Coordinate with Architectural and Engineering Services to ensure accuracy of the facility management drawings

Assist and support the Executive Space Planning (ESP) and Space Planning Advisory (SPA) Committees

  • Receive all space requests, analyze and prepare recommendations for review by the SPA committee and approval by the ESP committee
  • Develop and recommend space assignment policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain long-range space utilization plans for university facilities

Space Guidelines

Planning for new construction and renovations endeavors to utilize the Governor’s directive and university guidelines established in 2005.

State of Idaho – Comprehensive Policy on Space and Facilities Executive Order #2001-08

Boise State University Space Guidelines – 2005 edition


How do I know when a Space Request is needed?

A Space Request is needed when you:

  • Need additional space (e.g. new lines are added or you need storage space).
  • Change the use of a space (e.g. from classroom to laboratory or from class lab to research lab)
  • Change which department is using the space (e.g. English Department wants to take an office from History Department)
  • Have changes that require remodeling (e.g. a new wall or doorway is sought)
  • Change room capacity (e.g. change the number of students in a classroom)

What sort of space changes DO NOT require a space request?

A space request is not needed when you’re moving people within your own department space from one office to another.
If maintenance (painting, moving signs, etc.) is needed for the move contact Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOAM)

What is needed to move from one Boise State location to another?

When moving from one Boise State location/space to another Boise State location/space, consult the Boise State University Moving Information Packet.

What do I do if I do not have a funding source required on the Space Request form?

Funding for space moves occurs through normal department budget funding procedures. If you need an estimate in order to request funds, submit your request without a funding source designated.


1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1275
(208) 426-5169

Capital Planning and Space Management Staff

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Mission Statement

To facilitate effective, efficient use and allocation of capital and space resources in accordance with clearly defined guidelines and planning principles that support the University’s strategic plan and Campus Master Plan.

Guiding Principles

Boise State University Strategic Plan
Academic Plan
Campus Master Plan
Data Drive


Accurate space inventory
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