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Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability

Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability ensures the safety of the campus, its grounds and people, while also striving towards the best sustainability practices.

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Online training will resume when the Learning Management System becomes live in Fall 2018.

General Safety Training

General safety training focuses on materials relevant to University safety policies, programs, and procedures along with regulatory requirements. The training provides general knowledge pertaining to hazards and controls to minimize exposure.

Online Safety Training

Online training will resume when the Learning Management System becomes live in Fall 2018.

Current Classroom Offerings

Shipment of Biological Materials and Refrigerants
Laboratory Safety Awareness
Radiation Safety
Universal Waste

Additional Offerings

Workers and students may be required to attend additional training based on the work they conduct and associated regulatory requirements. EHS can develop and present training tailored to a group’s needs.
Contact EHS for details.

Specific Safety Training

Workers and students must receive specific training to address the unique processes, hazards, and equipment in their work or academic area. Training should include hazards in the area, hazards of their work, emergency procedures, emergency equipment, written procedures, personal protective equipment, waste disposal. The training may include knowledge and/or skill-based assessments.


Completion of safety training must be documented to prove workers and students have received proper training. Forms available for use:
Meeting Training Attendance Roster (pdf)
New Laboratory Worker Safety Checklist (pdf)

Standard Operating Procedures

EHSS developed a resource library of Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, to address laboratory hazards, safety information, and operating procedures. They are used to communicate and share information regarding broad safety topics to specific equipment procedures. If you would like to customize the information presented in the existing SOPs to make them lab or department specific, please contact EHSS for the Word format file. Please feel free to use the blank SOP template provided below to create a new document. Contact EHSS for SOP assistance or review.



Occupational Safety Bulletin

Boise State’s Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability Department distributes an Occupational Safety Bulletin. A list of archives is included below:


1129 Euclid Ave.
Boise, ID 83725-1826

Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability Staff

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