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Shipment of Biological Materials and Refrigerants

The shipment of biological materials and/or refrigerants can involve varying degrees of packaging, documentation, and training dependent upon the material, quantity, method of shipment and destination.  Shipments improperly prepared or those containing undeclared dangerous goods can result in hefty fines.

Who Needs to Attend?
Anyone who:

  • Determines if the material is a regulated material for ground or air transport
  • Determines if it is a regulated material
  • Determines packaging
  • Packages the shipment – seals packaging, adds labels or markings
  • Fills out documentation
  • Transports the material
  • Responsible for the shipment

Some scenarios

  1. Lab member needs to ship material and PI determines it is not regulated.  Lab member prepares and ships material.
    • PI needs training, lab member does not.
  2. Lab member needs to ship material and PI determines it is regulated.  Lab member prepares and ships material.
    • Both need training
  3. Dry ice used to ship unregulated biological material
    • Training required
  4. Office staff completes paperwork for dry ice shipments
    • Training required
  5. Lab member transports blood or tissue between the University and the VA.
    • Training required
  6. Lab member or PI listed as emergency contact on regulated shipment
    • Training required 

How many from each lab need to attend?
Those needing to attend each lab will depend on what the lab ships and how frequently the shipments occur.  If a lab has a handful of shipments a year, they should have one or two trained to take care of the shipments.  More frequent shipments may require additional lab members complete the training.

Suzy Arnette, (208) 426-3906