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Custodial Services

Custodial Responsibilities

Dawn/Day Crew:

  • Change light bulbs (when the need is urgent)
  • Clean floors as needed
  • Check restrooms for paper and required supplies
  • Complete appropriate housekeeping, as time permits

Dusk and Late-Night Shifts:

  • Provides general housekeeping/custodial services such as restroom cleaning, light bulb replacement, restroom sanitizing and all other forms of custodial cleanings, such as walls, floors, wastebasket, classrooms, halls, furniture, window washing, carpet care, and trash disposal
  • Desktops are cleaned on request when department desk materials are removed. Custodians are instructed not to rearrange books or papers on tables or desktops.
  • Custodians are instructed not to clean lab benches or tables where experiments are being conducted.
  • Turns off lights in the evening in unoccupied classrooms and offices

Which Shift is Which?

Custodial services provide 24-hour coverage during the week. Late-night shifts provide a time when cleaning can be done with little interaction with students, faculty or staff which means a better job can be done.

Custodial Services Frequency Charts

Custodial Service is committed to using all available resources to provide the highest quality services possible. To achieve this, the following cleaning frequencies have been developed for all academic and research related facilities:

Custodial Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Where can we dump food items that would be emptied daily by the custodians, so that we don’t attract smells and pests?
    A. Food and other perishable items can be placed trash receptacles in office kitchens, hallways, or restrooms, as all of these areas receive daily custodial service. Additionally, if your trash can is full or contains these types of items, you can just place it in the hallway outside your office and it will be emptied that evening.
  • Q. What do I do if I have an unusually large amount of trash on a particular day?
    A. If you are having an event or cleaning out your office and expect to have a large number of items to dispose of, please request additional trash and/or recycling bins contacting the FOAM office directly at (208) 426-1409 or email
  • Q. Who do I call if I don’t receive my normally scheduled custodial service?
    A. Please contact the main FOAM number at (208) 426-1409 to report any service issues. They will ensure that your concern is forwarded to the proper person to address it.


If an additional material pickup is necessary please send an email to with the location of the material to be picked up.

For detailed information on our recycling program, see our recycling page.