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Electronic Access

Who do I contact to grant access to a building through the card access system?

I lost my ID card that gave me access to a campus building. How do I get my access back?
You will need to visit the Student Union Info Desk and get a new card. When your new ID card is issued to you, they will mark your old card as lost and put your new card on the door access system. This will make your old card inactive and your new card active with the same rights you had before.

I need long-term after-hours access to a campus building with electronic locks. How do I get that access?
This is a two-part process:

  1. You need a proxy ID card. If you do not have one, go to the Student Union Info Desk to have one issued to you.
  2. Have your department chair or authorized representative email your name, student or employee ID number, and the black string of numbers on the back of your card to stating what access you need.

How do I know if I have a campus proxy ID card?
The campus proxy ID cards generally have a number on the lower right-hand corner on the back of the card. If there is no number there, then your ID card is not a proxy ID card.

Shipping and Receiving Mail/Packages

Can I have personal mail or packages shipped to and from campus?
Central Receiving does NOT handle the mailing/shipping of packages. Mail services can assist with university-affiliated mail. All packages can be mailed from Bronco Express in the Student Union. No personal mail/packages are to be shipped to campus. Shipping personal mail/packages to campus is a misuse of state funds.

See what Central Receiving can help with!

Work Requests

What is the policy for work request completion?
In most cases, it is first in first out, with exceptions for emergencies and consideration for student impact.

What services do you charge and not charge for on campus?
See our list of services here

Event Accommodations

How do I schedule an event and any accommodations needed for that event (e.g. tables, trash bins, irrigation coordination, space reservation, etc.)?
All event services are scheduled through University Event Services who will coordinate with any needed campus party, such as Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Public Safety, or catering to facilitate your event. Contact University Event Services for assistance at (208) 426-1677.

I am planning an event in an area of the grounds. What policies do I need to follow?
See the University Policy 1100: Use of University Space.

Can I reserve a classroom or lecture room for a function or meeting?
Yes. Contact the Registrars’ Office to check for room availability and OIT audio/visual support.


What materials do you recycle?
See our recycling page for details

What are the University Heating and Cooling Standards?
See our energy management page for details

What is needed for record retention?
See our movers page for details