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General Maintenance and Moves

General maintenance includes our carpenters, painters, craftsmen, locksmiths, electricians and movers.

To request assistance from any one of these groups, please email or call (208) 426-1409.


The carpenters design and build all kinds of office furnishings, do remodels, concrete work, and maintenance on buildings.


The painters do maintenance painting of buildings campus-wide and finish furniture built by the carpenters.

General Maintenance Craftsmen

Our general maintenance craftsmen inspect roofs, fix chairs and tables, repair ceilings, repair floors, complete installation of wipe/bulletin/chalkboards and act as a backup to the other trades.


The lock shop secures all buildings and gates, computer equipment, cabinets, and high-security areas. This includes re-key of locks, handling of a master key systems, installation of electronic combination locks, service and maintain desk, file cabinet, and other miscellaneous locks.


The electricians are responsible for all indoor and outdoor lighting on campus, as well as the following:

  • Responding to calls when power goes out or lights don’t work
  • Maintain high voltage loop that feeds all buildings
  • Maintain all electrical circuitry on campus, from 12 volts up to 13,500 volts
  • Locating electrical utilities on campus for excavation
  • Maintenance and testing of fire alarm systems
  • Maintenance, set up, and programming of metal detectors
  • Maintenance and testing of door access systems
  • Maintenance of emergency lighting
  • Installation of new circuits
  • Work with other departments to help manage construction and assist in the introduction of more efficient technology on campus
  • Supports events such as Football games and concerts
  • Assist student groups in need of power or lighting


Movers handle small department moves, salvage of items, record retention, and management of our warehouse. Submit a Salvage Request or read more information about Office Moves. Submit a request via the iServiceDesk to have record retention picked up. Include box numbers obtained from the Retention Form (requested from the Print Shop) and the destroy date when submitting the request.