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Warehousing/Surplus Property (Salvage Requests)

To request access to items stored at our Gage Warehouse, or for storage and surplus questions, please contact or call (208) 426-1409.


Boise State University maintains one warehouse for storage of materials in support of the university’s educational mission. The warehouse is used for three main storage functions:

  1. Critical items – the property will be tagged and inventoried with stored date and department contact name. Since warehouse space is expensive and there is a growing demand for space, we periodically ask the stored item owners to review and verify the need for those items in storage. Included with critical items are the record document archives which maintain items that are stored in accordance with Boise State University Policy 1020.
  2. Surplus property – picked up and taken to our warehouse for short-term storage, disposal or reissue. See Boise State University Policy 6270 on control of University Equipment and Materials. Be sure to fill out a Salvage Form when requesting this service.
  3. Displaced items – Short-term storage of displaced items due to construction, moving or changing programs, etc. Please submit a work order through iService Desk.

Document disposal

As part of warehouse storage of critical items, an annual disposal of record archives is done in accordance with state laws and Boise State University Policy 1020. To ensure compliance with required standards, a NAID certified company is used for disposal.

Reissue of Used Office Furniture

Used university-owned office furniture (desks, chairs, shelves, file cabinets, tables, etc.) is available for reissue. Please contact (208) 426-1409 to coordinate selection of pieces.