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May 2018

Campus Operations Newsletter



Dear Campus Operations Colleagues,Kevin Satterlee

I have spent my last 17 years walking this campus and seeing the transformation it has experienced. So much of Boise State’s growth and success is attributed to you and your constant dedication to this institution and its students. Thank you for always showing up, always putting the students first and striving for excellence in all that you do. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with all of you. Because of this world-class team, I am confident that the future of Boise State will be bright.

As I leave Boise State and this amazing division, I would like to leave you with my personal thoughts on leadership. These rules of leadership are not my own. I have collected them from various sources and people over the course of my career, but I do truly believe in them and hope they inspire you to lead this university moving forward.

10 Rules of Leadership, “According to Kevin”
Decisions are made by those who show up
You cannot fake passion
The world is run by tired leaders (because you have left it all “on the field”)
Leaders must be willing
Leaders have an unshakable belief that things can get better
Leaders know that attitude and outlook are contagious
Leaders have an alternate vision for a brighter tomorrow
Leaders do not inspire followers, they inspire other leaders
Leaders know that the smallest things done well over time yield great results
Do not ever forget that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world

Thank you for being such wonderful colleagues.


CamRandi Mcdermott Cheif Operating Officerpus Operations Team,

I am looking forward to working with all of you in this new role. Campus Operations provides essential services to students and the campus community as a whole, and I recognize how vital your work is to the experience of our students, faculty, staff and public constituents. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard kudos and accolades from colleagues about your division. The work you do is noticed constantly and is greatly appreciated.

As I get started in this position, my first goal is to listen. I want to know more about you, what you do and the ideas you have. In the coming months, I will make my way around to each of the departments to meet with staff and better understand your operations and the unique challenges and opportunities that you see on the horizon.

But I am told that I first need to tell you a little more about myself to dispel some of the mystery. I was born in Pocatello and spent most of my youth in Twin Falls. As an Idaho girl, I am at my best in the outdoors, where I enjoy camping, hiking, skiing and planting my chair along any waterway I can find to relax, read and refresh. Most mornings, you can find me walking in the foothills with my dogs, Baxter and Daisy, and any others who want to come along. I have two kids, Davis and Ruby, so I have also enjoyed time on the sidelines at sporting events and musical performances over the years. And of course, I am a Bronco. I graduated from Boise State with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Masters of Public Administration, and have been on staff here since 2003. I love Boise State and the incredible people that work, learn and live here.

As we look ahead to the university welcoming a number of new leaders, it is comforting to know that we will continue to be served by the incredible individuals in Campus Operations and throughout the university who will keep us moving forward, as has been the case for so many years. I am so proud to join this division.

Thank you for all you do.

Go Broncos!


Kevin Satterlee’s last day at Boise State is May 15. He will begin in his new role as president of Idaho State University on June 18th. The campus community is invited to the “Satterlee Send-off,” a farewell reception for Kevin and Margaret Satterlee, from 4-6 p.m. May 22 in the Alumni and Friends Center.

Randi McDermott begins in her new role as chief operating officer and vice president for Campus Operations on May 16. Randi will continue to serve as chief of staff to President Kustra until Boise State welcomes a new president.

In addition, the Chief Operating Office has a few personnel changes to report.

Sunny Wallace, the university policy director, has accepted a new position with the division of Student Affairs. Sunny will serve as the associate director for financial aid client services. Sunny has spent the last several years making dramatic improvements to the overall campus experience by building a highly collaborative and forward-thinking policy program. In addition to this she has also been working on a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis on Financial Aid Policy. This new venture will allow her to more fully dive into that subject matter and become a thoughtful leader in this field. Sunny’s last day with the Campus Operations team was May 11. A search will begin as soon as possible to fill the policy director position. Until the position is filled, please send policy related inquiries to

Texie Montoya will be joining the Office of the General Counsel mid-May. Her current role (as associate special counsel) will undergo a minor shift as the special counsel (Kevin) departs the University. However, the division of Campus Operations will not lose Texie as a team-member. She will continue to lead and support the areas that she has developed immense knowledge around including the Clery Act, Policy Development, Freedom of Speech Issues, Title IX issues, coaches’ contracts, etc.)

Katie Thomas has spent the last three years leading programs and initiatives related to onboarding, organizational development, communication, change management, employee appreciation and engagement within the division. Her hard work and dedication has impacted all of campus and has not gone unnoticed. As of May 21, Katie Thomas will be joining the Human Resource Services team to continue leading these initiatives for all of campus. In many ways, Katie will still provide the same services and support she currently does to Campus Operations, but she will also support the rest of the campus community as well.

If you have any questions about the leadership transition, please contact Dani Dunstan, Director Campus Operations at or 208-426-1233.


Brian ImageBrian Gorman grew up in Boise and is proud to call the City of Trees home. He attended Capital High School and competed on the cross country, track, and swim teams. Upon graduation, Brian attended Utah State University for two years as a scholar-athlete. He studied flight technology, participated on the track team as a decathlete, and served as the treasurer for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

Brian has served as a member of the maintenance team for the Department of Public Safety Parking Services Team for 6 years. Come rain, snow, or sunshine, he is always ready to deliver the department’s values of safety and customer service for the students, faculty, and staff of the University. He often shares a smile or even a joke with others during his work day.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys gardening at his new home, cooking family recipes or discovering new recipes for the crockpot, spending time with his cat C3PO, and bowling at the Boise State Games Center.



Relator StrengthThis month we focus on the Relator talent! Those who have Relator in their top 5 strengths profile enjoy close relationships with others. They enjoy working hard with friends to achieve a goal and are often known for their deep, caring relationships and desire to know more about those closest to them.

Relators are genuine and authentic, people-oriented, and are fulfilled through long-term friendships. Because of these talents, they bring a depth and transparency to relationships, and occasionally experience social discomfort when meeting someone new (in contrast to the “WOOs” who enjoy having large social networks). If you manage a Relator, know that they need time and opportunities for one-on-one interactions, and will be successful in roles where they can build genuine relationships with other individuals and support them. Encourage them to use their gift of generosity and show them how this gift helps connect and influence those around them.

Relators in Ops: How do you use your Relator talent to be successful?

“I see my Relator being utilized in an effort to enhance communication and bring understanding to some of our more complicated processes. As a Relator, I enjoy close relationship or connection with others. I find myself seeking to understand others so that I can help champion them and their ideas in the work we do and the lives they live.” – Jentry Walsh, SUB Event Services

“I relate with employees with the same personal problems with their kids. My employees come to me for suggestions and ideas to satisfy everyone involved.” – Rocky Yoneda, FOAM HVAC Team

“My Relator allows me to be approachable and available and most colleagues and community members know this is one of my strengths. As a social introvert, I enjoy talking and discussing ideas with colleagues but prefer smaller groups. I may need time to recharge from these social interactions if in big chunks.” – Sam Patterson, Department of Public Safety

Who are the “Relators” on your team?

This segment is a monthly highlight of a strength from the Gallup StrengthsFinder. To learn more about the program or the strength highlighted in this month’s segment contact Katie Thomas for an individual discussion.




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Floral BBoise State’s Campus Operations Division Employee of the Year awards will be given out each year at the division-wide meeting. Nominations are open year-round for the three awards aligned with our division goals: 1) Empathy for the Customer, 2) Attention to Detail, and 3) Imputed Quality.

A new student-employee category has been added beginning in the Spring 2018 semester.

This month’s nominees include:

Imputed Quality – Bryan Jones


The following are important dates and events to remember for the upcoming month:

  • Mid-May – New Boise State president selected
  • May 28 – University Holiday
  • July 4 – University Holiday



Boise State’s Campus Operations Division is continually offering training opportunities to provide continued education, required training, and development for its employees. The following are training sessions offered in the upcoming month hosted by Campus Operations and campus partners:



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Boise State Campus Operations Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students while providing a quality campus experience.

A division focused on the future, Campus Operations’ mission is to provide a constructive, memorable and safe environment where students can pursue their educational goals.

Campus Operations oversees the campus, its grounds, facilities and operations, and strives for constant improvement and attention to detail to create an exceptional atmosphere for its students. Additionally, we are entrusted with building an institution of higher learning, while helping students reach their futures.