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Facilities Operations and Maintenance Chargeback Rates

Facilities Operations and Maintenance provides essential maintenance, custodial and landscaping services to campus. Routine services are performed at no-cost to campus departments, excluding auxiliary departments. However, when a department specifically requests for services to be conducted that are not routine or as part of regular maintenance schedules, a charge is applied per hour, per person to the requesting department. If special circumstances require the use of outside support, additional charges may apply. 

When a department requests work to be performed immediately, there is a minimum charge of two hours. Additional charges may be applied when specialty equipment and supplies are needed.

Charges for estimates will be billed at regular labor hours. If the work moves forward, the estimate will be included in the overall cost of the project.  If the department opts to decline the work or fails to respond to facilities after 60 days, the department will be billed for the estimate.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance charges auxiliary departments for all services rendered including all routine maintenance and scheduled work. The following departments are considered auxiliaries: ASBSU, Athletics, Bronco Card, Bronco Shops, Morrison Center, Nampa TECenter, Printing and Graphics, Recreation Center, Student Union Building,  Taco Bell Arena, Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems, University Dining, University Health Services.

Custodial - $35.00 Per Hour

  • Nonroutine – Wax and floor polish
  • Nonroutine – Carpet cleaning
  • Nonroutine – Large office cleaning
  • Event support – Party clean up indoors
  • Event support – Trash & recycling
  • By request – Additional cleanup (nonroutine maintenance)
  • By request – Fridge cleaning
  • By request – Upholstery
  • By request – Window covering

For more information regarding custodial responsibilities please see Custodial Services

Landscaping - $35.00 Per Hour

  • Event Support – Putting out hoses, turning off irrigation
  • Event Support – Clean up outdoors
  • Event Support – Landscape repairs due to damage
  • Auxiliary – Ice melt
  • Auxiliary – Litter clean-up
  • Auxiliary – Anything outside the scope of current MOUs

For more information regarding landscaping responsibilities please see Landscaping Services

Maintenance - $40.00 Per Hour

  • Hanging items on walls
  • Installation of desks and keyboard trays
  • Custom carpentry work
  • Moving and delivery of furniture
  • Cubicle and office reconfiguration
  • Records retention
  • Nonroutine – Painting
  • Nonroutine – Carpet installation
  • Event support – Flags and banners
  • Event support – Setting up tents
  • Event support – Setting up tamis barriers
  • Auxiliary – elevator service calls

For more information regarding maintenance responsibilities please see Maintenance Services

HVAC - $50.00 Per Hour

  • Auxiliary – Service calls

For more information regarding HVAC responsibilities please see HVAC Services

Electrical - $55.00 Per Hour

  • Nonroutine – Upgrading fixtures (LED)
  • Nonroutine – Consultation with outside vendors for services
  • Nonroutine – Installation of outlets and lighting fixtures
  • Auxiliary – Service calls
  • Event support – Running electricity lines to remote locations

For more information regarding electrical responsibilities please see Electrical Services

Plumbing - $45.00 Per Hour

  • Installation of water bottle filling stations 
  • Nonroutine – Installation of new fixtures
  • Auxiliary – Service to leaks and floods

For more information regarding plumbing responsibilities please see Plumbing Services

Lock Shop - $60.00 Per Hour

  • Nonroutine – Installation of card readers
  • Nonroutine – Installation of lock boxes
  • Nonroutine – Rekeying, repairing, and installation of locks (locking furniture included) 
  • Cutting new keys – $45.00 per key (Key request form)

For more information regarding lock shop responsibilities please see Locksmith Services

Moving - $40.00 Per Hour

  • Nonroutine – Voluntary moves 
  • Nonroutine – Delivery and/or set up (including furniture, desks, art, etc.) 

For more information regarding lock shop responsibilities please see Movers Services

Forklift Rental - $35.00 or $60.00 Per Hour

  • Forklift Rental Rate = $35.00 per hour. Driver must be Boise State forklift certified.
  • Forklift Rental Rate with FOM driver* = $60.00 per hour
    • Rental includes Forklift and driver

60 Foot Boom Lift Rental - $200 Per Day or $150 Per Hour

  • Boom Lift Rental Rate = $200 per day
    • Minimum of two operators required at all times. Both must be Boise State certified to operate. Two operators are required, one in the bucket and one on the ground.
  • Boom Lift Rental with FOM operator = $150 per hour
    • Rental includes Boom Lift Rental and 2 operators – Two operators are required, one in the bucket and one on the ground.

Gage Warehouse Storage - Per Year

  • Floor storage – $9.00 per square foot, per year
  • Storage Rack – $120 per pallet, per year
  • Retrieval fees (retrieving items from Gage to campus) – $40 per hour

For more information regarding storage please see Gage Warehouse