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Energy Management

Our Conservation Charge:
Boise State Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance department takes a proactive approach to energy management. Our belief is that we are charged with good stewardship of both the citizens of Idaho resources as well as our earth’s resources. Consequently we make every available cost conscious effort to meet those goals.

energy managementCurrent Conservation Projects:
As an example of our conservation effort, we recently completed a performance contract that changed over 52 miles of fluorescent bulbs, 400 toilets and numerous other significant modifications to our facilities. Those changes will result in almost $400K annually in avoided energy consumption costs. That is $400K that we did not have available to pay. As such, we avoided taking money from other programs to pay energy costs.

Building Temperature Standards:
We have set our building temperature standards for heating the buildings up to 70F during occupied periods and for cooling the buildings down to 75F during occupied periods. The occupied periods are unique to each building but are normally in the 7am – 5pm range with classroom buildings open much later due to Boise States heavy evening usage of those buildings.

During unoccupied periods we heat the buildings to 55°F and cool the buildings to 85°F.

Continual Effort:
We are continuously maintaining the current conservation program and making headway toward more efficiency. However, a large part of energy conservation is derived from individuals who remember to turn off their computers and lights each time they are not needed. So, we ask that you become part of a greater effort to conserve energy. Sincerely; The Facilities, Operations and Maintenance department.