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Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOAM) Administration

Barbara Beagles
Phone (208) 426-3999

Business Manager
Phone: (208) 426-1443

Janie McAndrew
Business Services Supervisor
Phone: (208) 426-1371

Dianna Slade
Financial Tech
Phone: (208) 426-1442

Antonio Garcia
Tech 2
Phone: (208) 426-2618

Work Order Specialist
Phone: TBD


Service Request

iServiceDesk – Submit a work order online
What is the policy for work request completion?
In most cases, it is first in first out, with exceptions for emergencies and consideration for student impact.

What services do you charge and not charge for on campus?
See our list of services here

Electronic Access

Requesting Access

For access, have your department chair or authorized personnel email:
Be sure to include:
– Full name
– Student or Employee ID number
– Your proxy numbers (black string of numbers found on the back right-hand corner of your card.)

Electronic Access information/Features

The Millennium System allows us to:
– Limit access to certain people during different periods of time
– Each door reader tracks who has access and who enters
– Even if the main computer goes down, the door readers will continue working and download the information when reconnected to the system.
– Gives the ability to grant or remove access almost instantly when the need arises
– Allows us to set up a controlling PC in different areas to control the doors in those departments. (For applicable departments, this means that the department will be responsible for controlling access.)

Boise State University access control policy


Key and access control campus policies.

To request a new key, fill out a Key Request Form.

To transfer a key from one holder to another, fill out a Key Transfer Form

For both of these forms be sure that you have an authorizing signature, and scan to or send via interoffice mail to MS 1270.