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Questions or concerns? Call (208) 426-1409

If an additional material pick up is necessary please send an email to with the location of the material to be picked up.


Facilities Operations and Maintenance operates a recycling program that is comprehensive in its approach to conserving resources. We not only recycle traditional material such as paper, aluminum, and plastic, we also recycle other items such as books, chairs, desks, bookcases, and tables through our salvage operation. Most importantly we attempt to reduce consumption of products in our Facilities Operations. Our overall goal is to reduce consumption, reuse material, and divert material from the waste stream.

Recycle Bins

On campus, we use a variety of recycling bins and are working towards a more standardized look to recycling. The most familiar are the small blue recycle bin that sits next to most desks. We also have large bins that serve as central collection points. They are custom built and are part of an effort to standardize the recycling look across campus. You may have seen them in various buildings. Each bin has a uniquely shaped opening associated with the product it is intended to accept. Look for more of these in the future as we work towards the continual improvement of the recycling program.
Recycle BinsRecycle Bins
Please see your building coordinator or department administrator if you need to be familiarized with the location of central recycling containers.

Community Support

Community support coordination with the Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance, the City of Boise has added a community cardboard and glass recycling bin to the west side of campus right next to the OIT building. The bin is located so that the surrounding community may recycle cardboard and glass material.

Reduce: Use sustainable products

Our operational goals are to provide excellent customer service in a cost-effective manner. This goal is in line with reducing consumption of products on campus. We accomplish this goal by integrating a good stewardship philosophy in all operations.  A philosophy that exemplifies itself in practices such as using longer lasting high-quality tools, reusable cleaning products, electric vehicles for crew transport, carpooling, team cleaning, and other environmentally friendly products. All of these practices to reduce consumption still allow Facilities to provide a high level of customer service.

Reuse: Salvage and Reuse of furniture and equipment

Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance also handle all furniture and equipment salvage for the campus. We inspect each item that comes in and determine if it can be reused by another department. If the item is likely to be reused and is serviceable, we make the item available for distribution to not only Boise State offices but other public agencies as well. We also provide a similar service for motor vehicles through our Fleet Services shop.

Recycle: Materials

Boise State recycles various materials across campus. The following materials are picked up and recycled on a regular basis:Recycle Symbol

  • White copy paper
  • Mixed paper
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic drink bottles
  • Printer cartridges
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum cans

Battery Disposal/Recycling

Alkaline batteries can go into the trash and to the landfill. They can be taken to the Ada County Hazardous Materials depot at the Hidden Hollow landfill (contact Ken Wall (208) 577-4736), however, the toxicity of alkaline batteries is so low they will be placed in the landfill and not recycled.

All rechargeable batteries are recycled by Boise State’s Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) department, and include all of the following:

  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb)
  • Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
  • Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn)

For battery pick-up, please contact EHSS at (208) 426-3303 or they can be dropped off at the following locations:

  • EHSS Modular – 1129 Euclid Avenue (south modular)
  • BroncoTec in the Student Union Bronco Shop

For more information about battery and waste disposal and recycling visit the EHSS waste disposal website.

Glass Recycling

Glass drop-off site for Boise State University – 2710 Boise Ave. (SE corner of University and Capital)
Glass Drop-off

Closing the Loop: New Purchases

Facilities Operations, and Maintenance also “closes the loop” in the recycling process by emphasizing the use of products. That includes bio diesel as described above as well as products that are made of recycled materials and contain “post-consumer recycled materials” or PCRM. PCRM means that the product contains materials that have been part of the waste stream.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance has made a committed effort to purchase recycle materials for custodial use. Most purchased products are certified 100% recycled with 40%PCRM by fiber weight.

Beyond custodial items, recycled products are considered in all purchases
we make. These items may range from benches or recycle bins made from
recycled plastic to reclaimed road mix.