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Warehousing/Surplus Property

Boise State University maintains Gage Warehouse for storage of materials supporting the university’s educational mission. The warehouse has three main functions:

1. Storage

Items stored at Gage Warehouse will be charged an annual fee. Palletized items can be stored on a storage rack, or items can be stored on the floor. There is a locked storage area for retention records. Submit a storage request via iService Desk, by contacting Facilities at, or by calling (208) 426-1409.

Storage Fees for Gage Warehouse:
• Floor storage: $9.00 per square foot, per year
• Storage Rack: $120 per pallet, per year
• Retrieval fees (retrieving items from Gage to campus): billed by labor hours

Charges will be collected on an annual basis beginning at intake: prorated based on fiscal year.

2. Record Retention / Document Disposal

Record Retention Forms must be filled out and securely taped to the outside of each box. Lids must be taped closed. Record Retention Forms can be purchased from the Boise State Print Shop (there is a fee for these forms). Keep the yellow copy of the retention form for your records. Submit a record retention request via iService Desk or by contacting Facilities at or (208) 426-1409.

For FY19** – New Record Retention/Document Storage in *Bankers Box
• With a destroy-by date – the charge will be $5 per box for storage, retrieval, and destruction.
• Without a destroy-by date – $3.60 per box/year

*Bankers Boxes MUST BE 12” x 10” x 15”
** Beginning FY20, all boxes will be charged $3.60/box/year plus a $5.00 per-box destruction fee.

As part of warehouse storage of critical items, annual disposal of record archives is done in accordance with state laws and Boise State University Policy 1020. To ensure compliance with the required standards, a NAID certified company is used for disposal.

3. Surplus Reissue of Used Office Furniture:

Used university-owned office furniture (desks, chairs, shelves, file cabinets, tables, etc.) is available for reissue. Please contact (208) 426-1409 to coordinate piece selection.  Retrieval will be billed by labor hours.

Surplus items:
Surplus items are picked up and stored in the warehouse free of charge. Please fill out a Request for Disposal of Excess, Salvage, or Trade-In Inventory Items.

Access to Gage Warehouse is by appointment only. Contact Facilities at or call (208) 426-1409. To request access to items stored at our Gage Warehouse, or for storage and surplus questions, please email or call (208) 426-1409.