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New Recycling Partnership is Rolling Forward

TubesBoise State University’s Environmental Health Specialist and Sustainability Coordinator, Sarah Hansen, launched a recycling program this summer that has made immediate impact. In conjunction with Gabe Finkelstein, the Coordinator of the Cycle Learning Center (CLC) on campus, Patrick Phillips, student and Bike Shop mechanic and Performance Bicycle in Boise, bicycle tubes and tires have been collected and transported to Performance Bicycle where they were shipped off for up-cycling and recycling.

Boise State’s partnership with Performance Bicycle, who works with the nationally recognized Liberty Tire Recycling Program to recycle tubes and tires across the nation, has removed 892 tubes, 146 tires and 600 pounds of campus waste from the landfill in the 11 weeks the partnership has been in place.

Much of the recycled rubber produced by Liberty Tire is used as crumb rubber and industrial feedstock for manufacturers, as tire derived fuel for use in industry, or as rubber mulch in landscaping and playground applications. Boise State community members are encouraged to donate old bike tires and tubes from home to the Cycle Learning Center or Performance Bicycle for recycling. For more information about available services at Boise State’s Cycle Learning Center, please visit

Division Changes Highlight Focus on Enrollment, Student Services

Boise State University is shifting some key responsibilities to maintain a significant focus on enrollment planning and management and student life in the era of Title IX and other higher education reforms.

To help address these needs, Lisa Harris, currently Vice President for Student Affairs, will add “Enrollment Management” to her title and hone her focus on enrollment planning and services, student life and related services. She will refine Boise State’s efforts and focus on adding enrollment in areas where it adds value for the university, and help ensure that students who enroll are successful and get the most out of their experience at Boise State.

In order to allow for this more focused effort, oversight for campus services including, the Student Union, Conference Services, Bookstore, Bronco Shops and Campus Dining, will move to Campus Operations. Having these business functions reside under the same reporting line as Transportation and Parking and Facilities Operations and Maintenance will create opportunities for efficiency and improved patron relations.

This move aligns well with Boise State’s program prioritization efforts, which are still playing out across campus, and while partnerships with Student Affairs in these areas will continue, this move will free up Student Affairs to focus on the increasingly important areas of enrollment and student services.

With this change, Kevin Satterlee will become Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Special Counsel. Matt Wilde will assume the role of General Counsel, with a direct report to the president. Satterlee will continue to work closely with the General Counsel’s office and, because of his unique relationships and historical knowledge, will continue to serve as the Office of the President’s special counsel on governing board, legislative and policy issues, athletic contracts, as well as institutional compliance.

And finally, the successful transition of University Health Services from a business unit to a hybrid business/academic unit under the College of Health Sciences provides a model that Boise State will continue to follow with the transition of the Children’s Center to the College of Education. This new arrangement will allow for continued services to faculty, staff and students with childcare and educational needs, but also now will provide an opportunity for students in the College of Education to get hands-on experience and applied knowledge in a lab school environment.

These changes will be effective on Oct. 1.

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2015 Employee Design Initiative

Employee Design Initiative 2015A portion of the Boise State University campus has been made safer and more attractive thanks to the 2015 Campus Operations and General Counsel Employee Design Initiative.

The remodel of the student housing corridor near Taco Bell Arena was designed by Stephanie Clarkson and Chris Wright and completed in mid-September. The project included updating old box lighting to new LED lighting, adding paver spaces with benches and picnic tables and adding new landscaping. The walkways in this corridor are heavily traveled by prospective students, student-athletes, housing residents, staff and artists performing in the arena. The upgrades will make the space safer and more inviting for people to stop and socialize. In addition, a bench area was placed on the east end of Chaffee Hall and the Housing Offices to allow a safe waiting space for the patrons using the West Stadium lot.

Each of the new light poles, as well as the benches and picnic tables, were unused items the division was able to locate on campus and re-purpose for this project.

The Employee Design Initiative was created in 2013-14 to encourage Campus Operations and General Counsel staff to create and submit concepts that would enhance the Boise State campus. Submissions were narrowed down from 12 to the winner. Designs were evaluated based on student utility, attention to detail and whether the concept demonstrated imputed quality of our campus, while also meeting budget, time frame and project impact realities.

All faculty, staff, students, alumni and campus visitors are invited to visit and use this space.

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New ‘Guardian’ App to Support Campus Safety

guardian_iphone_consumerBoise State University is introducing a new smartphone app to enhance the safety of students, staff and faculty on campus. The app allows users to immediately contact Campus Security and Police Services via phone or text message.

This app is available for free to anyone who works or is enrolled at Boise State. Parents and other off-campus patrons also can download the app and use it to contact others within the campus community; however, they will not have direct contact with the Boise State Security and Police Communications Center. Only those with a current Boise State student or employee email address will have the ability to directly contact the Communications Center using the app.

Rave Guardian uses real-time, interactive features to create a virtual safety network of friends, family and the 24/7 Boise State Communications Center at (208) 426-6911.

“I am pleased to add another tool to our public safety tool kit with the Rave Guardian phone app,” said John Kaplan, Boise State’s executive director of security and police services. “This app has many great features, but I think one of the greatest is that it essentially turns every smartphone into a mobile blue light emergency phone.”

Kaplan is referring to the 76 blue light emergency phones located throughout the campus, making communication with Campus Security and Police Services quick and easy.

RaveGuardianPic“Being able to immediately reach our Security and Police Communications Center, along with accessing critical emergency information, should offer peace of mind to those who download and use the app,” Kaplan said.

The decision to integrate this app into the campus safety operations follows on the heels of a recent BroncoAlert upgrade. The upgrade was made after an extensive review of emergency notification requirements, system performance and capability by a combined team of security, information technology, student affairs, communications and emergency management experts.

“The decision to add Rave Guardian to our BroncoAlert software system was driven by our desire to make Boise State the safest campus possible for all members of our community,” Kaplan said. “This cutting-edge technology allows users to select and assign personal or campus security ‘guardians’ along with innovative features like a panic button, tip texting, a safety timer and a partial or full profile that allows emergency responders to effectively respond to an incident.”

Boise State has run trials with the app through the Orientation team leaders and Associated Students of Boise State University student government group, observing several possible scenarios.

SafetyTimerIn addition to the safety timer, additional features like enabling students and employees to report suspicious activity to Campus Security via text and picture messaging, offer many benefits. Furthermore, the Rave Guardian dashboard displays a user’s approximate location and voluntarily provides user information in the Campus Security and Police Services substation, allowing first responders to more effectively aid the campus community.

Elliot Cox, Boise State’s Rave Guardian app administrator, explains: “This is an outstanding tool for our campus residents and students who live in our adjoining neighborhoods to let us know about potential and occurring incidents impacting campus.”

The Boise State University version of the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. For more details about Rave Guardian, check out the website at

Rave Guardian App Features

  • Panic Button – Direct immediate connection to Campus Security and Police Services with GPS location and personal profile information.
  • Tip Texting – Enables two-way crime tip reporting through text and images.
  • Personal Guardians and Safety Timer – Students can identify Campus Security and Police Services, friends, roommates and family as “Guardians” when setting their Rave Guardian Safety Timer. During a timer session, Guardians can check the status and approximate location of the student. If the Safety Timer is not deactivated before it expires, the designated Guardian is automatically alerted and provided with the user’s Rave Guardian profile to proactively identify and check in on the individual. (It is important to note that Campus Security and Police Services will always be available to act as a Guardian, but a user’s profile information will only be displayed to Campus Security if Campus Security is designated as a Guardian by a campus community member and that community member’s Safety Timer expires, or if a campus community member directly contacts Campus Security by tip text or Panic Button. In other words, Campus Security only sees user profile information when they are called upon for assistance.)
  • Safety Profile – Student-created Safety Profiles contain voluntarily input information such as residence details and medical conditions. When a student requires assistance on or off campus, student Safety Profiles are displayed to Campus Security and Police Services.

— Source:

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Architectural and Engineering Services Busy with Summer Construction

Boise State University’s Architectural and Engineering Services has released its summer 2015 Construction Map showing the major projects that will be done through the remainder of the summer.

The map consists of 14 major projects spread campus wide, including the Alumni Center construction, the Basque Soccer Friendly, sidewalk repairs and preparations for Broadway Bridge construction. In addition projects throughout a handful of buildings will take place.

Many projects listed are set to be complete near the beginning of the school year; however a few projects will reach later into the fall semester, while some run through next summer.
For more information on any of the projects listed, please contact Architectural and Engineering Services at (208) 426-1188.

1. Broadway Bridge – Utility Bores (July-September 2015)
2. Bronco Gym – HVAC (June-July 2015)
3. Kinesiology Annex – HVAC and Electrical (June-August 2015)
4. University Square – Carpet and Painting (July-November 2015)
5. Yanke Family Research Park – Window Replacements and Entry (June-August 2015)
6. Multiple Buildings – Classroom Renovations
7. Alumni Center – Construction (Expected Completion July 2016)
8. Norco Building – Human Performance Lab (June-November 2015)
9. Basque Soccer Friendly (July 12-18, 2015)
10. Admin Quad – Walkway Replacement
11. Albertsons Library – GIMM Lab and College of Innovation and Design (June-August 2015)
12. Administration Building – Fire Sprinklers (July-October 2015)
13. Simplot Micron – Interior Renovations (August 2015-July 2016)
14. Campus Wide – Sidewalk Repair and Replacements

Campus Construction Summer 2015 (1)

Albertsons Stadium Earns National Sports Safety, Security Award

Boise State University’s Albertsons Stadium has been recognized as one of the most secure sporting event venues on any college campus.

Albertsons Stadium received a Facility of Merit for Safety and Security award which recognizes efforts made in recent years. They include security measures that were implemented during the 2014 football season, including the addition of metal detectors — 50 magnetometers and 75 hand wands. The addition of metal detectors came on the heels of a high-level game day security program that has been in place for years.

A total of 10 sports facilities from across the nation were recognized for their achievements in security as part of the 2015 National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition July 6-9, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Boise State’s Assistant Director of Event Security, Dave Ellis, was present to accept the award. More than 450 security professionals and 55 vendors attended the national conference.

Dave Ellis accepting award Facility of Merit Award

Other award winners include:

  • Madison Square Garden (NBA)
  • Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn University (NCAA)
  • Albertsons Stadium, Boise State University (NCAA)
  • California Memorial Stadium, University of California in Berkeley (NCAA)
  • Houseman Field, Grand Rapids School District, (NFHS)
  • Stutler Bowl & Legacy Stadium, Cherry Creek School District, (NFHS)
  • Wells Fargo Center (NHL)
  • Nationals Park (MLB)
  • New York Marathon (Marathon)
  • University of Phoenix Stadium (NFL)

“The reason for the Facility of Merit for Safety and Security Award is to allow professional leagues, NCAA member institutions, high school athletic programs and marathons to honor outstanding safety and security achievements,” said NCS4 Director Lou Marciani. “These achievements involve actions above normal operational activities whereby a safety or security issue may have been tackled.”

Marciani noted that each league or organization selects the criteria and determines which facility will be recognized. CEIA USA is serving as the official sponsor of the Facility of Merit for Safety and Security Awards.

Learn more at

GameDay Recycling Challenge: The Results Are In

GameDayChallenge100x100Boise State University earned a second-place finish in the Mountain West Conference division of the GameDay Recycling Challenge during the Fresno State football game this past season.

The Broncos placed 16th nationally with a diversion rate of 61-percent, topping programs like UNLV, University of Arizona, University of Oregon and University of Utah. Colorado State University topped the Mountain West Conference, earning a sixth-place finish nationally with a 71-percent diversion rate.

The efforts of Boise State and its fans resulted in seven tons of material being collected, recycled and diverted from landfills. That amount equates to .38 pounds of recycled material per each of the 35,008 attendees at the game.

As a whole, recycling on campus has improved throughout the past year, aided by the addition of co-located trash and recycling containers. This single improvement has increased Boise State’s recycled materials by 12 tons per year.

To learn more about recycling and what efforts are happening on campus, visit

Celebrating Arbor Day is Kids’ Play

See caption for details

Arbor Day tree planting, Children’s Center, Facilities, Laura, Calvin and Lindsay Petranek, Scott and Ethan Lowe, Carrie Quinney photo

Proving that you’re never too young to make a difference, Ethan Lowe, Calvin Petranek and Lindsay Petranek celebrate a rainy Arbor Day 2014 by planting a dogwood tree on the Children’s Center grounds, with the help of university facilities crew. Boise State faculty members Laura Petranek, associate professor of kinesiology, and Scott Lowe, director of environmental studies, look on as the children dig a hole for the tree and help them get it in the ground.

Photo by Carrie Quinney

Student Races to New Opportunities at Boise State

Hannah Newhouse - Carrie Quinney photo

Hannah Newhouse – Carrie Quinney photo

Boise State University welcomes a new venture this school year as incoming freshman — and race-car driver — Hannah Newhouse begins her academic career. The Twin Falls native not only will attend her first classes, but also will don the blue and orange as she races her super late-model race car this season.

Boise State has awarded Newhouse a scholarship to attend university classes while also continuing her racing career. In return, Newhouse will represent the Broncos as she races throughout the western United States.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for both Boise State University and Hannah,” said Kevin Satterlee, Vice President for Campus Operations and General Counsel. “Boise State will have a great representative traveling the West and exposing racing fans to our university, all while affording Hannah the opportunity to get a great college education.”

Newhouse will unveil her new Boise State car and host a meet-and-greet with university faculty, staff, students and racing fans at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 12, at the Administration “B” Plaza on University Drive.

Newhouse’s primary car, a Chevy Impala SS, has been custom wrapped for her fall racing schedule with a blue and orange scheme, complete with the Boise State “B” logo and blue No. 46 numbers covering the car. She will race this car for the first time Sept. 19-20 at the Rocky Mountain Speedway in Salt Lake City, Utah. Coordinating with the blue and orange theme, her racing suit boasts a matching “B” on her chest, an ensemble she revealed at Meridian Speedway on Aug. 31.

“Growing up near Boise I learned early on to love and cheer for Boise State and all it was involved in,” Newhouse said. “Now, I get to be the one to represent the university. I couldn’t be more grateful for this chance they have given me to race under their name all while assuring I get a quality education.”

The Twin Falls High School graduate plans to compete in five races this fall, including major races in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Phoenix. She also hopes to attend the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Oct. 19-22, an invitation-only development program held yearly in Langley, Virginia, that encourages participation of minorities and women in the sport of racing. Perhaps her biggest event of the season, Newhouse will race in the NASCAR K&N West Race in Phoenix Nov. 6-8, a televised event run alongside some of the biggest names in NASCAR.