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Organization Chart

Campus Operations Directors Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart (pdf)

Updated August 2018

Department Organizational Charts/Contact Info

Campus Planning and Facilities

Campus Operations Financial Services Org Chart

Campus Services

Department of Public Safety

Institutional Compliance and EthicsTrademark Licensing and Enforcement

Campus Operations Leaders Listing

Vice President for Campus Operations/Chief Operating Officer

  • Randi McDermott

Campus Services

  • Executive Director – Nicole Nimmons

Bronco Shop

  • Director – Steve Barclay

Dining Services

  • Director – Rich Wiegel

Student Union

  • Director – Brent DeLong

Campus Operations Financial Services

  • Director – Brenda Robinson

Public Safety

  • Executive Director – John Kaplan

Security, Police, and Event Operations

  • Director – Tana Monroe

Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems

  • Director – Sam Patterson

Trademark Licensing and Enforcement

  • Director – Rachael Bickerton

University Sponsorship

  • Director – Tom Beitia

Associate Vice President, Campus Operations

  • Alicia Estey

Campus Planning and Facilities

Architectural and Engineering Services

  • University Architect and Director – Ann Wozniak

Capital Planning and Space Management

  • Director – Christy Jordan

Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability

  • Director – Suzy Arnette

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

  • Director – Barb Beagles

Institutional Compliance and Ethics

  • Director of Compliance – John McDonald
  • Director of Equity and Inclusion- Gayla Thomas-Dabney