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Organization Chart

Campus Operations Directors Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart (pdf)

Updated August 2018

Department Organizational Charts/Contact Info

Campus Operations Leaders Listing

Vice President for Campus Operations/Chief Operating Officer

  • Randi McDermott

Campus Services

  • Executive Director – Nicole Nimmons

Bronco Shop

  • Director – Steve Barclay

Dining Services

  • Director – Rich Wiegel

Student Union

  • Director – Brent DeLong

Campus Operations Financial Services

  • Director – Brenda Robinson

Public Safety

  • Executive Director – John Kaplan

Security, Police, and Event Operations

  • Director – Tana Monroe

Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems

  • Director – Sam Patterson

Trademark Licensing and Enforcement

  • Director – Rachael Bickerton

University Sponsorship

  • Director – Tom Beitia

Associate Vice President, Campus Operations

  • Alicia Estey

Campus Planning and Facilities

Architectural and Engineering Services

  • University Architect and Director – Ann Wozniak

Capital Planning and Space Management

  • Director – Christy Jordan

Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability

  • Director – Suzy Arnette

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

  • Director – Barb Beagles

Institutional Compliance and Ethics

  • Director of Compliance – John McDonald
  • Director of Equity and Inclusion- Gayla Thomas-Dabney