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Quality Assurance Program

  • Boise State’s Campus Operations has launched a Quality Assurance Program that will work with all service units on campus and provide a service review process. This process will empower campus units to provide the highest level of customer service possible for Boise State students and other campus customers. The program will work with units to review services, provide recommendations, and recognize outstanding service delivery.
  • Alex Belisle headshot

    Alex Belisle
    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Alex Belisle became the Quality Assurance Coordinator in December 2016. He began his career at Boise State as a student in July 2014 working in University Advancement to develop, launch, and sustain PonyUp—the University’s crowdfunding portal. Alex graduated in May 2016 with a bachelor’s in Political Science, International Relations and was honored as one of the university’s 2016 Top Ten graduates. Upon graduation, Alex continued his role with PonyUp while serving as a graduate assistant in the College of Innovation + Design (CID). At CID, he collaborated on marketing and recruitment to grow the College’s programs. In his new position, Alex will continue to work closely with University Advancement and the College of Innovation + Design, while launching the new Quality Assurance Program.

    Alex is passionate about giving back to Boise State and empowering future students to tackle world challenges. As the Quality Assurance Coordinator, Alex will work to ensure services across campus are delivered to and for students and other customers in a first-class, user-centric manner. The program will work to support programs that have the opportunity to improve while recognizing top performers and sharing best practices.

  • The Quality Assurance Program is continually assessing services throughout campus. A request for a service unit to be reviewed can be submitted online for possible addition to the review calendar.